Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well its 3.30pm, but morning to me, back to work again tonight.

How do I feel......Yuck.....Withdrawals from all the good stuff. Headache like you would not believe, I got the shakes, and feel absolutely Blah.
I already miss my coffee and pepsi Max. Never mind.

Last night for dinner (3am) I had a bowl of fruit - grapes, rockmelon, golden kiwi, and passionfruit. That wasn't to bad. I am finding it hard to stomach the optifast shakes but will eventually get use to them....I hope.
Tonight I think i will just have a Salad. The boys can have that also, I will just add some corn, and asparagus to theirs. Along with some corned beef.....Ummm I think that is what I am missing the most ATM...Meat....

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  1. It'll all be worth it, Kimmy, just hang in there and it will all be so worth it. :-)