Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well here goes. I have been to the surgeon, and he had a cancellation for next weeks theatre list. So I am on it.....No the 3-4 month waiting list that I was told was going to happen.

Have I done the right thing???? I had planned so much, for the next few months....My last pizza, my last dinner out at a restuarant, my last.....the list could go on.

But No, I today had to start a very strict diet. Comprising of Optifast Shakes, and a very limited range of low carb fruit and vegetables. No meat, No Caffeine, No Soft-drink...basically, nothing with taste LOL. oh well, it is for the right reasons.

I already have a headache from withdrawal from no coffee and no pepsi max. My mouth has this foul taste in it (probably the keytones), and I feel blah.

Yesterday when I weighed in with the dietitian before seeing the surgeon, I was 137.5kg. I will pull out the measuring tape when I get the motivation and measure the hips, thigh, arms, waist, etc (think I will stay away from the bust, as that Is the only thing I don't want to shrink....not much there now...LOL). And post up a full lenght photo of myself. Actually I don't think there are may full length ones, will have to see what I can find.

I will try and come on every couple of days to start with and note my progress,


Hugs and Kisses



  1. Hey Kimmy how exciting to go on this journey with you! I hope everything goes well! Will be thinking of you! MWAH Josie

  2. Good luck Kim. I'm so excited for you, as I know this is something you really want for yourself. I'm glad to be a part of the journey with you...know that we are all here with you and for you!

  3. Kim, you are brave and wonderful.......thank you for sharing this inspirational story with us. Love and hugs! Angie xx

  4. Pink Panther Buddy!!!October 16, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    Kim...I am so happy for you! I know you have the inner strength and determination to follow this journey and achieve the result you desire. When the going gets tough..just think how tough it was with some of the stuff we had to put up when we worked at sea together..and know you coped admirably then..and inspired me..just like you will now. Love Nat xxx