Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling Better

Hi all,
I am feeling much better today. I was finally able to sleep on my side last night, which meant I slept much longer, as I very rarely sleep on my back. Although my abdomen is still very sore when I move or stay in one position too long, I can feel it is getting better. And the wounds are getting very itchy, so there must be some healing going on there.

My fluid diet is tolerable...just

Typically I am having:

Supradyn (similar to berocca) when I get up. (I have to make it the night before so that there is no gas fizz in it). and this takes about 40 minutes to drink (120mls) now.

For breaky I am having 1/2 a cup of coffee and a large glass of sustagen - (about 2 hours)

Morning Tea - 1/2 glass of pineapple juice

Lunch - More sustagen and some clear soup (I have found the juices from the chook cooked in the slow cooker is beautiful - when you arn't having anything else that is). This takes about an hour to 1 1/2 hrs.

Afternoon tea - more juice

Dinner - more soup and some runny custard or drinking yoghurt

Super - yet more sustagen.

And in between I always have a bottle of water or diet cordial with me, sipping away.

I am off to the dietitian again tomorrow, so hopefully she will give me some news on when I can start on puree foods. And boy, a puree diet has never sounded so good...

I will also weigh myself again tomorrow and see if I have lost anything. Mind you there is something wrong If I haven't on this diet.

Touch wood, I have no had any vomiting as yet......Yeah.......

Will let you know how I go tomorrow.


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  1. Well done Kim, you sound like you are doing great! Puree foods... mmmm well I guess after clear soups that will be much exciting. I think the scales going down and down will be such a reward!