Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well it is 1 week since I had the lapband inserted. Things are looking positive. I can now have small amounts of runny pureed food. I had some mashed potato and cooked apple. Both were so yummy. Although about 1 desertspoon full totally filled me up, it was so nice to have something with a bit of texture about it.

I am thinking of doing a slowcooker stew for dinner tonight, as all the flavours go through everything, and I can then puree it without ruining the taste to much. Ummm that has got my mouth watering, I had better go and pull out the recipe cards from the last swap at H&S.

I had lost over 7kg when I went to the dietitian on Monday. Probably a bit quick. But I am not going to complain. I can already notice a difference around my face. The abdomen is not so sore now either, only when I cough or laugh.

I am also taking part in a study, that is being done with post lapband patients, on the importance of protein for weight loss. There has never been a proper study done on this. So I am off for my first interview with that next Monday, and I will be having some bone density testing done too (all at their expense....wish they would have paid for the lapband too hehe).

Better go, I have some scrapping calling me (I have selective hearing I think, because I am sure the house work is calling in there somewhere too).

Please feel free to share my story with others, because I would love to help other people that are struggling with the idea of whether to go through this or not.


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  1. Amazing Kim! Well done. You are even well enough to scrap a whole calendar.....fantastic. Enjoy your pureed meals, gotta be better than all that fluid! Angie xx