Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling Good

It has been a while since I posted up here.

I am feeling quite good now. I am still eating puree foods, but it is going down very well. Touch wood, I have not had an regurgitation experiences as yet, so I must be eating slow enough and have the food fine enough. Off to the dietitian again on Monday, so hopefully next week she will put me onto normal foods.

I joined the cross country club, that my boys run with on Wednesday nights, they have a walking category, so I walked in that...not for the competition, but for the extra exercise. I walked 3km through the bush, came in last, but never mind, that will get better. Even the 7km runners beat me. Oh embarrassing, but I will go back next week, unless they tell me to go

I have not weighed myself for a week, but there isn't much weight loss now, but I certainly have trimmed up.

My measurements have changed quite a lot

Waist = 118cm -3cm
Hips = 153cm -7cm
Thighs = 77cm -5cm
upper arm = 50cm - 0cm
Bust 121 -3cm

so a total of 18cm. Got to be happy with that.

DH says he can notice it a lot in my face, my hands and my hips.

Will let you all know what the dietitian says on Monday.

Until Later


  1. Well done Kim. You will be a new woman in no time. Wow, a 3km walk through the bush is great! Don't compare yourself to the are doing fine! xx Angie

  2. You go girl! :) So proud!
    Update please! :)

  3. Update on its way josie
    And thankyou everyone for your support.