Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi all,
Well, I am starting to feel a bit better again, now. I had a bit of trouble last week, managing busy nightshifts, and getting enough food intake to keep my energy levels up, but I think I have that worked out now. I am taking an orange juice with me to work now, and If I get too busy I drink that instead of water, that way, when I don't have the time to sit down and eat (because it take so long to eat such a small amount), I am still getting that bit of a energy boost.

Tonight I had my first experience of feeling blocked. We had some chicken and rice, and I think I may have forgotten to chew the rice up. I did not get to the regurgitation stage, but it did take a few minutes for this unpleasant indigestion type pain to subside. But all was good once it moved through.

I have now lost 10 kg since the day of my surgery. I am really happy with that. Everyone is starting to notice my weight loss. I have also pulled out a smaller size of trousers for work, and they feel comfortable. Woo Hoo.

I have started having cravings for chocolate too. but hopefully that will subside, I am going to resist. I had a small glass of pepsi max, on the weekend, and boy I did enjoy that, even though I let it go flat before I drank it. (the gas bubbles tend to get caught in the stomach and it can get very uncomfortable (so I am told).

I head back in to the Dr's after the long weekend, and get my first adjustment to the band. Apparently they will put about 2.5mls of fluid in it, then followed by another 2 mls a fortnight later, apparently that is when I will really be at the stage to loose weight. I am hoping not to loose it too quickly, but will also take what I can get. IYKWIM.

Till later, Have to get ready for work.

Take care everyone,

Lots of Love and TTFN



  1. Kim, you are looking great! And what a cute dress...that's a very flattering cut on you. Keep up the good work love...I'm here rooting you on!

    H&S Love,

  2. Kim you are doing just great. You are an inspiration. Love, Angie xx