Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi all,
Once again way too long between updates, I am sorry, but been busy with work, the family and everything else. we have also all had some stomach bug going round.

I have had one extremely bad experience since the band was inserted. But I did overcome it. I had eaten chicken breast, and even though chewed it well etc, it must have created gas, because I got some really bad stomach cramps, at first I did not know what it was, I was just doubled over in pain for a couple of hours, I finally took some medication which obviously relaxed the muscles and boy did I ever burp and f&$t. After another 30 minutes the cramps were gone. So I think I will stay away from chicken breast for a while. Thighs don't seem to have the same effect. Strange....

Otherwise, I have had the first adjustment, which went well. They put 2.5 ml of saline into the band, and has certainly made me fell fuller when eating....It takes longer for the food to get down out of the top pouch.

I have added a couple of pictures that show where the band sits in the stomach, I think they are pretty self explanatory, but feel free to ask questions about them.

So here is a quick update on my weight etc.

I am today 125.4 kg. Wow!!!! I am in the 120's Yeah.... a 12+kg loss so far

My measurements are now

Waist 115cm down 6cm Not too bad
Hips 150cm down 10cm Cool
thigh 76cm down 6 cm I can handle that
Upper arm 49cm down 1cm dissappointing
Bust 119cm down 5 cm Bumma!!!! The only place I didn't want to loose. Oh well.

I am now also going with the boys to thier cross country on Wednesday nights, and walking the 3km course... Last week I actually tried to run part of it LOL. Actually it was more of a Cliff Young Shuffle, but better than nothing.....AJ came up behind me and called out "Go mum, your doing great" I felt really good, until he told me that My Ass will loose weight quicker that the rest of me because it was bouncing 3 time more than the steps I was taking.....ROFLOL....I could not take offence, he said it so innocently..... With this, I have now promised myself to be able to run the whole 3km course without stopping within the next 12 months. We will see how I go.....

Hugs to all


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