Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, everyone, It is now November. Boy is the time going fast.

I went back two weeks ago for my second adjustment, but because of the amount of weight loss I had had until that time, they refused to do the adjustment, they wanted me to slow that is a turn up for the books, I have never been told to slow down

But just my luck, that was also the day that I plateaued. I finally got back in week for an adjustment, so here goes for more weight loss. Still 125kg, but i think I have trimed again, let me see, it will do some measurements.

Waist 111cm down another 4cm
Hips 147 cm down another 3cm Cool
thigh 76cm the same
Upper arm 48cm down 1cm
Bust 117cm down another 2 cm Oh NOOO!!!! cant I stop loosing it there!!!!!!!

I find I can eat anything, which I think is a bit dangerous, as I am finding temptation very hard, but I will persist. DH and DS's bought me a Wii for my birthday, so I am now getting on that for about 40minutes a day doing the Wii Fit exercises, so maybe my non weight loss is the muscle I am building.....

I will have to look at some of the photos taken yesterday at bowling for DS13 birthday with some of his friends. and if there is a half decent one of me I will put it up, Everyone at work says they can notice the difference in my face. When I put one up let me know what you think.

hugs to everyone


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