Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone, Lets try this again, I just finished a large blog entry and the computer shut down on me, so I will do a quick abbreviated version.

Firstly, I can't believe it has been nearly two months since my last entry. Life has been real busy. I passed Christmas without putting on any weight, and I think I managed my portions quite well.

My last adjustment was in the first week of December, and I think it will be another two weeks before I can get in to get my next one done so I will have to be extra careful.

I have stepped up my exercise routines, and I am enjoying exercising. ...Yes you did hear me correctly, I am enjoying it.

I now do 30-45 minutes on the Wii Fit, plus a 15-30 minute cardio workout on another Wii Game, (gotta love the Wii, I can exercise without anyone laughing at my flabby bits). I also tend to walk a lot more instead of drive, when shopping now, I park at one end of shopping area, and walk everywhere I have to go rather than getting in and out of the car 4-5 times.

We recently went up to Nth Queensland to have christmas with Mum, Dennis, my brother and his family, and we visited Mamu Canopy Walk. I was proud of myself, as I walked all the way without having to stop, in 40+ deg heat, (only about 3kms, but that included climbing to the top of the observation tower, probably about 150 stairs).

As far as weight loss itself goes i am now down to 119kg - that is down 18.5kg on my weight at the dietian the week before surgery or 29kg from my heaviest back in February 09. I can now comfortably wear size 22 clothes, and I bought size 20 exercise shorts and shirt two days ago, which fit, but will fit even better in a couple of weeks.

It is really in my measurements that I have noticed the difference

date weight waist hips bust arm thigh
25-Aug-09 137.5 121 160 124 50 82
11-Sep-09 130.5 118 153 121 50 77
15-Oct-09 125.4 115 150 119 49 76
8-Nov-09 125 111 147 117 48 76
2-Jan-09 119 110 142 117 48 73

So I have reached my first minor goal (get to 120kg), and I can see my next (get to 100kg) is in reach. I know it is going to be a slow process but any progress is better than the options I had before. My major Goal of my boobs being bigger than my hips....well.....I don't think there is going to be much luck in winning that one, as I am loosing it there

Ok I am going to chase up another couple of photos, so will close off now,

TTFN everyone,

Lots of love


  1. Well done Kimmy! You will have to tell me what Wii fit games u have! We got one for chrissy! and your nearly at my weight! I better get my butt into gear hey or u will over take me!

  2. I love the Wii Josie, I use the Wii Fit Plus, also "Your Shape" your shape allows you to choose the area of your body you want to tone, and how long you have to exercise, and it sets up a cardio workout to suit. Oh yeah it also has a little camera that sits with your infa red receiver and puts a picture of you on the tv as you work out. I just got david another cardi one but can't remember the name (it is wrapped up for his birthday) it is put out by the biggest loser mob.

  3. Well done Kim. You are going ahead in leaps and bounds. Thank goodness for the Wii, hey. You are looking sooooo good. Joy