Saturday, August 6, 2011

Custom Made MDF

In the continuing story of my Shed/scrap area, and having to ensure I am very Savvy with space and storage, I asked Suzanne and Neil from Words or Whatever to create some custom made boxes for me that can be stored in the wall that David will build for me.

The plan is not to put Gyprock on "my" side of the wall. David will put in extra battons creating spaces approximately 40cm square, and in will sit these boxes....Oh I also have asked him to make the wall with 4x2" timber, so I have a shelf depth of 4".

Here is one of the boxes completed, ready for the wall......

I plan to have a variety of techniques on the boxes, but in the same tones of pink, hop on over to the Words or Whatever blog for my mini technique blog on altering MDF, using crackle medium and sanding. While over there check out the rest of the creations from our wonderful design team members to give you inspiration!!!

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